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The Huntington Rose Garden: Restoring a Gilded Beauty

    A Painterly Oasis as Concrete as the clouds - WA&A Apr/May 2015  
    Preparing Your Garden for a Tour - Pacific Horticulture  
    Actively Engaged: The purpose-driven garden - Pacific Horticulture  
    Building Legacies  
      Ten Minutes with the President    
Giant Squill     When Your Swan is an Ugly Duckling  

    Design Group Architects - Sedona, AZ  
    US Bank Tower Sacramento, CA  
    From Photographer to Publisher & The Art of Milford Zornes  
    Indianapolis International Airport  
    Eagle's Nest Home in Sedonia, AZ  
    The Naming of Oprah's Legends Rose  
    Photography & Marketing  
      Timeless By Design - Interior designer David Michael Miller  

  Web Sites    
    Inland Temporary Homes   Indianapolis Int Airport
    Sam Maloof Woodworking  
      Gene Sasse  
    Sasse Books  
        Rialto Middle School
      A Very Good Life  
Gene Sasse